The Maximum Aerobic Function Program Starting 1 June 2020

With the good news of more time to exercise from Monday 1 June, Embark will introduce an additional start date for our running programs. If you are new to running, or returning after a break, then we have a great 12 week program for you to ‘create’ your running mojo, or get your running mojo back!! This program also considers post-natal moms, injury prone athletes, weight conscious athletes and slow runners! This program will give you the confidence to then join one of our coached group ‘goal-driven’ programs that require a slight level of fitness to take part in.

This program introduces a the training method called the Maximum Aerobic Function program. Its aimed at developing each athlete’s aerobic system, in a slow and controlled phase over 12 weeks. All athletes will need a heart rate monitor and around 7 hours per week for low intensity activity. The aim is to super charge your aerobic engines in 12 weeks. Our programs are tailored and presented, tracked, monitored and analysed through an app called Training Peaks.

Your program includes our online LIVE classes via our @IRONLOCKDOWN Instagram page. These classes consist of coach led strength and conditioning sessions, bio and yoga classes with industry professionals, dietician talks and healthy cooking classes

The program is R450/pm.

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To read more about the Maximum Aerobic Function coach click here

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