Personalised Programs &
online Coaching

 • After an initial telephone call or coffee meet and greet we will set up your program
• Your program is individually designed to suit your needs, time constraints and goals
• Your program is presented in Training Peaks which is the industry leading internationally based online coaching platform
• Optional group training sessions supplement your program on your request to ensure training is fun, social and competitive
• The coached sessions and athlete group interaction makes sure you are fully equipped and prepared for the race you choose
• Your program is personalised and adapted according to your ongoing progression and goals
• Your program is unique to you and you access it via a login & password on the mobile app or web based app
• You sync your smart watch to update your program or you can do it manually if you don’t have a smart watch.
    This allows your coach to monitor your weekly progress and discuss changes to your program if necessary
• The Performance Management Chart on Training Peaks allows your coach to track fitness levels & stress levels to prevent burnout
    & overtraining and to ensure best possible outcome from the sessions

 Mike Reddington is our dedicated IRONMAN specialist to help athletes with the mammoth task of taking on the training for the BIG RACE! Its a hands on approach, with planning, structure, feedback and guidance. Mike has raced different IRONMAN races, over 4 continents, including the coveted KONA WORLD IRONMAN CHAMPS. Mike has a wealth of knowledge on how best to choose, plan and execute a race abroad or in unfamiliar surroundings.

Programs are all presented though Training Peaks. If you are in or around the Atlantic Seaboard or willing to make the drive, Mike coaches his Wednesday evening squad run session in Green Point. It’s a great way to meet the other athletes and test yourself against team members. Once you are on Mikes program you have the option to join in on any of the other Embark group training sessions around the area. This includes open water and a pool, out rides and hill running and longer runs. On race weekend you have full support from Embark and coaches.

Reference from Brett: “I am thoroughly enjoying training under the guidance of Mike, his programs are always clear and detailed. I am always impressed with his eagerness to engage with us athletes whether it’s via our weekly skype conversations, What’s App or at the local group sessions. He always maintains a positive outlook and this helps me maintain my desired level of training. It is clear that he puts us athletes first and always strives to offer us the best training sessions and advise. I can recommend Mike big time. Give it a try, only your competitors will be disappointed!”