Personalised Programs &
online Coaching

 • After an initial telephone call or coffee meet and greet we will set up your program
• Your program is individually designed to suit your needs, time constraints and goals
• Your program is presented in Training Peaks which is the industry leading internationally based online coaching platform
• Optional group training sessions supplement your program on your request to ensure training is fun, social and competitive
• The coached sessions and athlete group interaction makes sure you are fully equipped and prepared for the race you choose
• Your program is personalised and adapted according to your ongoing progression and goals
• Your program is unique to you and you access it via a login & password on the mobile app or web based app
• You sync your smart watch to update your program or you can do it manually if you don’t have a smart watch.
    This allows your coach to monitor your weekly progress and discuss changes to your program if necessary
• The Performance Management Chart on Training Peaks allows your coach to track fitness levels & stress levels to prevent burnout
    & overtraining and to ensure best possible outcome from the sessions

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