Swimming Video Analysis

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we have teamed up with Tasmynne Roe, an ex pro swimmer and now coach, to help us with our swimming. Our first step is to do video analysis. We are going to start with this on Tuesday 10th  April 2022


Those who are interested in doing the video analysis, we need about 2-3 mins footage of your swimming, and then 10-15mins for feedback/demo etc. Taz will evaluate you by analysing and recording your strokes and technique, followed by providing poolside feedback regarding your technique. She will explain/demo the relevant drills to be implemented. Practising the drill in person will assist with minimising gaps, and ensuring you have the correct knowledge of how to apply the drill/stroke correction in all swimming activities. Using this footage Tas will then create your personalised doc (see above as an example) that addresses the evaluation and analysis. The doc also prescribes the drills and links to a youtube videos. 


Then once you have had time to go away and work on your improvements, there will be a poolside or online check in (depends on venue) with Taz to bridge any gaps, and ensure that you are implementing the correct drill/technique.