Embark Waiver Form

  1. I, the undersigned declare that as far as I am aware, I am physically fit and healthy and that I know of no reason why I should not be allowed to participate in the Embark training programme or any training programme modified for me personally (collectively referred to as “the training programme”).

  2. I acknowledge that certain of the activities which I may be advised to participate in as part of the training programme may be physically strenuous and / or dangerous and may result in physical harm, loss or damage to my property, my health, my person or even loss of my life, and that I am participating in such activities and / or the training programme at my sole and absolute will, discretion and risk.

  3. On full acknowledgement of the abovementioned risks, I hereby waive and abandon any and all claims of whatsoever nature or kind which I may have now or at any time in the future against Steve Attwell t/a Embark, any other members of Embark, any sponsors, associates, representatives, affiliates or staff and any persons appointed by any of the aforementioned persons to act on their behalf from time to time (collectively referred to as

    “Embark”), and I hereby release, absolve, discharge, hold harmless and indemnify Embark from any liability in respect of any cause of action whatsoever, howsoever arising, whether directly or indirectly or in connection with any loss or damage to myself or my property, for the duration of my participation in the training programme and in perpetuity thereafter.
  4. I acknowledge that from time to time the training programme may require me to participate in official racing events, and that during such racing events; I agree to abide by the published race rules thereof. I hereby indemnify

    Embark against any loss or damage howsoever arising as a result of my failure to abide by any of the published race rules.

  5. I agree that for all purposes arising from this Waiver, the law of the Republic of South Africa shall govern and apply to all issues of whatever nature arising between Embark and myself.

  6. This Waiver shall bind me, my executors, heirs, dependents, administrators and assigns.

  7. This Waiver  allows Embark to use any and all pictures shared or taken at an embark event or training session for commercial or social media purposes.

  8. You acknowledge that a 30 day cancelation period is expected subject to any program ending or you deciding to end your journey with Embark. 

  9. At the end of your journey, when you decide to leave, please let us know if you want us to delete any or all your details.