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Genine Manchip is our Embark’s recommended Physiotherapist here in Cape Town. Gen will be teaching a 1h strength session once a week which will consist of teaching the athletes the correct form for specific exercises, core work and triathlon specific strengthening exercises. This is to make you stronger in all three disciplines and to prevent injuries.


Gen has a degree in both Sport Science and Physiotherapy and is currently busy with a post grad diploma in Orthopedic Manual and manipulative therapy. Sports injuries and rehab is were her passion lies and she uses a machine call the Chatenooga Wireless Pro which increases muscle stimulation during rehab which increases the rate of recovery in a natural and sustainable way.


She offers Sports massages and individualized functional strength evaluation as part of her injury prevention program.


Sports Massages are great for recovery after a hard training week/session or prior to a race to get the legs ready for race days.


The functional Strength test involves a full examination (your previous and current history and then she gives you a report afterwards with exercises to do if weaknesses are detected.
She works closely with the Embark coaches and updates them on any injuries and together they can arrange to adjust your program so that you can continue your training journey and not fall behind.

Don’t let a niggle become an injury.. Sort is out immediately

You can contact Gen through the contact tab above…

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