The Isuzu Ironman South Africa and 703 Nelson Mandela Bay - 2024

We made new memories new friends and got new medals at the Isuzu Ironman South Africa and Isuzu Ironman 70.3 Nelson Mandela Bay this past weekend. Huge congratulations to our new Embark Ironman athletes and to all those who finished the 70.3. 2024 in Port Elizabeth will definitely be a year to be remembered because of the rough seas and windy conditions. It was definitely a harder than usual effort to finish these races.


But saying that we had put in all the training and trained specifically in those conditions in preparation for the race. We have weekly group training sessions including sea swims, canal swims group rides, track sessions and hill running sessions. The weekends were reserved for longer bikes and running off the bike, and also, for our long runs on Sunday. Building up to this race we did many smaller triathlons half marathons and sea swims. Doing this in a group environment really makes it so much more social and fun and as a lot of the athletes say it's much better to suffer with others.

Embark even managed to get onto the tri-clubs podium again securing the third spot on stage. Congratulations to the coaches and athletes and supporters.

If you are looking at doing your first Ironman 70.3, or another 70.3, drop us a message and chat to one of our coaches about getting started. We have just four weeks left to go until the Isuzu Ironman 70.3 Durban and then we will start our five month build up for the Isuzu Ironman 70.3 Mossel Bay. This is a favorite on the annual calendar for the Cape Town athletes as it's the closest race and easy to drive to. Get in touch with us about joining us during winter in preparation for this race in mid November. There are a lot of races building up to the 70.3 in Mossel Bay including the Cape Town Marathon. So if triathlon is not your thing or you would like to take a break from triathlon then join us for the build up to the Cape Town marathon which starts this month! 




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