The inaugural Quarter de France with Embark

In July this year, we launched a new winter challenge called Quarter de France with Embark. The challenge ran in tandem with the Tour de France, 1 July - 23 July. We rode a quarter of the distance of each 21 stage. We also had two rest days for a bit of recover.


The traction was much higher than anticipated. We had contenders from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Europe and the USA. Our schedule included group rides, a KOM/QOM time trial ride up the Glen to Signal Hill, Zwift Meet Ups, indoor ride classes at the local gyms, and ended with a special final day at the Killarney Race Track.

This year we had 47 finishers (who rode the full distance for each of the 21 stages). These 22 ladies and 25 men now all have the original yellow #QDF finishers tee for 2023. The white #QFD shirt is for any contender who rode took part in bits of the challenge. 


Every stage had a lucky draw prize, and a MASSIVE thank you to our sponsors, Bootlegger Coffee Company, Biogen, Olympic Cycles, Power Horse and New Balance, who provided these prizes. 

This is certainly staying on our calendar and next year is going to be bigger and of course as hard! We look forward to welcoming you next year for the second edition of the Quarter de France with Embark 2024.



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