The Embark Winter Solstice Challenge

The Embark Winter Solstice Challenge is either a 180km ride over 4 days or a 50km run over 4 days. Both will start on Thursday the 17th of June where the riders will ride 45km and the runners will run 12km. On Friday both riders and runners will ride and run 45km and 12km respectively. On Saturday again you will be required to ride 45km or run 12km. Sunday is the final day culminating with the riders finishing with 45km and the runners finishing with a slightly longer 14 kilometer long run.


We repeat the challenge again in summer and this gets the riders to 360km, just like the degrees the Earth has made around the Sun. The runners get to 100kms!


There is a lucky draw prize for the person who completes the challenge and the social media requirements. You need to:
1. Post a story each day of you cycling or running.
2. Tag @embarktri
3. Use the hashtag #embarksolsticechallange
4. Add one of the Solstice Embark stickers. (To find them head to the GIPHY tab and search for ‘embarktri’)

We will be doing this challenge across all of our Embark branches. For more information or too join the athletes at the various branches please get in contact with us through the contact page



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