Summer South Africa Triathlon Season Launch!


Have you been considering doing an IRONMAN, a 70.3 or Ultra distance triathlon, or even just a sprint triathlon?  Are you raring to add the healthy and social lifestyle of swimming, biking and running to your weekly routine? Well if that medal is on your radar, then let’s Embark on that journey on a coached group training program that almost guarantees the widest smile on your finish line!

On the 1st Aug we launch our traditional start date for our South African summer triathlon training program. We are planning to train like the events are HAPPENING! So, we buckle down into the training and aim at our first short term goal of a sprint triathlon by the end of September. If you enjoy that and want to push yourself further, then we progress to longer training sessions, completing 10km running races and half marathons, open water swims, and then onto standard distance triathlons and double bricks.

We will also enter teams into the Double Century and take part in longer road races. If you would like to join one of the Embark DC teams please click here.

By the time the new year comes, we will be ready and confident to tackle the ultra-distance triathlons, namely Race 2 Standford or IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa!

We have branches across South Africa offering fun and social coached training for any triathlon goal. With the aid of an online training app to track, monitor and analysis your work outs, your personalised and tailored progression comes as easily as the routine does. It’s not just a downloaded program to follow, we have coaches to help you every step of the way.

When you register for the program you will receive a A3 calendar which will give you the insight to what training sessions we will be planning to do and this will help you plan your life until the race. It’s the progression we follow to get you ready to face a race day goal of anything from a sub 4 hours to 8 and a half hours for a ultra-distance triathlon!

Embark is partnered with leading industry professional physios, bios, dieticians, and GPs. We offer discounts and preferential service at bike shops, running stores, online shops, and triathlon stores.  

Let Embark help you pick a sporting goal and prepare for it. It will be a life changing decision!

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