Old Mutual Wealth Double Century2021

The ability to come together as individuals and work together as a team to lift one another up and push our boundaries is what makes this such an exceptional race. All I can say is WHAT A TEAM; WHAT A DAY; WHAT AN ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ EXPERIENCE!!!”
– Matt Budden

Read all about last years ride here.
The DC!? It stands for the ‘double century’, and it’s just that! 202kms of cycling in your team, where the objective for Embark is to get the entire team of 12 riders over the finish line

It’s tough, hilly, windy, hot and rainy and that’s even before the gun goes off! The race starts and finishes in Swellendam, so we make a weekend of it and arrange the teams accommodation and meals etc.   
Estimated fees
  • Entry fee R1200
  • Accommodation at SwelleN1 (shared accommodation) R1000 for 2 nights
  • Meals Fri night R175 Sat night R210
Every year Embark sends 4 teams of 12 riders. Each team is captained by an experienced Embark rider. You need to be part of an Embark group so that we can train together leading up to the race date on 27 November. The coached group training and program is R730/m.  As always, by the time its race week, we are fit and ready to race. The teams require team players and riders who are willing to work in a team.
If you are keen to be in a team, please complete the form and give us an idea of what team to put you into. We generally arrange 2 faster teams and 2 more social teams. 
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