Summer Training Starts 1st Nov 2021


Embark offers a variety of training for the swim, bike, run and triathlon events. You can choose from your own personalized training program, to a group training program to just the squad training or just the single discipline training. With a variety of coaches and nine different branches across South Africa we will help you get to your goal in a fun, social and safe environment. Picking a goal and progressively working towards this goal is the best way to stay motivated. Having a coach track monitor and analyze your workouts is a fool proof method to helping you achieve your goal. Having a team of athletes and triathletes to train with on a daily basis really does keep you inspired.


If you are interested in a specific event, please get in contact with us and let us prescribe the best way for you to get involved, get training and getting that medal. If you have any specific questions about any of the events please feel free to get in touch too. Embark has been training athletes for the past decade and we can safely say if there's an event out there we have trained an athlete for it.


To get in contact with us please click here.

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