How Triathlon Training Works

How the training works

  • 3 coached groups sessions a week, SWIM-BIKE-RUN (where Covid allows)
  • You should be able to swim 400m, bike 40kms and run 5kms. Not all back to back. If you are not on these levels, look to join the beginner’s program
  • You follow a goal specific program through Training Peaks, to keep you motivated and progressing
  • Initially 5hrs of training a week, which increases as we progress through the program


Races and milestones we aim for:



Race Name

12 Sept


Embark 10km Virtual Race

27 Sep

Super - Sprint Triathlon

Embark Mini Triathlon

4 Oct

Sprint Triathlon

Cape Ultra Sprint Triathlon

18 Oct

21.1km Running Race

Cape Town Marathon

6-8 Nov

360 cycling tour over 3 days

Cape Classic

21-22 Nov

202km cycling race in one day

Double Century

16 Jan

Ultra Triathlon race

Race 2 Standford

24 Jan

Ultra Triathlon Race

IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo City




The cycling races are a bit more advance but are not compulsory. We will be entering teams into the Double Century. If you would like to join one of the Embark DC teams please get in contact.


When you register for the program you will receive a A3 calendar which will give you the insight to what training sessions we will be planning to do and this will help you plan your life until the race. It’s the progression we follow to get you ready to face a race day goal of anything from a sub 4 hours to 8 and a half hours for a ultra-distance triathlon! Initially we will train around 5hrs of training a week but this progress as we move through the program with longer weekend sessions.


This is the basic equipment you will need to start off with triathlon


  • Swim cap
  • Swim costume
  • Goggles
  • Wetsuit ( we will be hosting a wetsuit demo with Orca to help you find the perfect fit )


  • Road Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves
  • Comfortable cycling clothes


  • Running Shoes
  • Visors / cap
  • Comfortable running clothes

Other equipment

  • Fitness watch


With the aid of an online training app called Training Peaks to track, monitor and analysis your work outs, your personalised and tailored progression comes as easily as the routine does.

What Training Peaks offers:

  • Weekly program delivery through the apps for you PC, tablet or phone for easy reference
  • Ability to (whether it is manually or from a fitness device) upload your training session data to provide your coach with feedback on your completed sessions
  • The ability to do comprehensive data analysis to track your progress
  • Assistance to determine sufficient rest and recovery
  • Easy colour coded completed sessions to track progress


Your coach will add you onto the  2  WhatsApp groups along with all your fellow athletes in your relevant branch.

  • Coaches Corner, where only the coach may post into, this is for late changes or important information.


  • Social group, here anything goes, it’s the fun group for banter, social and training pics etc. Please do not remove yourself from the Emergency group, but you may leave the social group if you don’t enjoy the fun side of training. (But I do suggest you mute the group for a year!)


Embark offers various payment options and will be discussed in detail by your branch coach

We have branches across South Africa offering fun and social coached training. To find out about the  closest branch to you or if you have any more question contact us here.


To register for a triathlon program click here


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