Embark Makes Happy Athletes

Joining Embark has been the one of best investments in  my health and fitness journey. My goal was to complete  my first triathlon and Cape Town Cycle Tour before I  turned 40, but also just to improve my overall fitness. As  a career loving mom with a full time job and 3 young  children,  I had no idea how I was going to fit in training  for a triathlon into an already very busy lifestyle.  


I was also intimidated by the thought of cycling with cleats. I joined the Beginner programme on the Atlantic Seaboard, and with the support of an awesome set of coaches and fellow beginners who are now friends, I was soon reaching my goals (and riding comfortably with cleats)! The programme was customised to fit in with my schedule and this flexibility made it manageable and sustainable, so much so that the training has become part of my lifestyle and the group sessions are one of the highlights of my week.




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