Choose your own 5km or 10km running program

As we meander into May, we add a little bit of running to our arsenal of exercise. It’s a personalised 5km or 10km program to choose from, and its 6 weeks long. Now that we are allowed outside for a bit in the morning, we have aimed this program at getting you into great shape to complete your chosen distance. The program is personalised and prescribes your goal pace for all the sessions (hills, tempo, longer runs and speed work). We will also host a virtual race in 6 weeks so that you can see if its worked for you! 

Our programs are presented through Training Peaks, and our online classes through Instagram LIVE.
The program is R450/pm.

If you would like to do the duathlon program including all the tri related stuff (besides the swimming) then that program is R730.

Please click here to register for the program. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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