On the 5th July 2022, Embark Atlantic Seaboard starts a new beginners coached triathlon group training program. This is a complete beginners program, NO FITNESS LEVEL EXPECTED!

We have a dedicated coach for the beginners, Shevaun, who is a both a biokineticist and triathlete.

Our program will be aimed at getting you to the end of your first triathlon through hands on coached group training. Our goal will be the all new Cape Town Triathlon which is on Sunday 2nd October 2022. We will cover everything you need to know about completing your first triathlon. We will help you to get all the equipment necessary to swim, bike, run and do triathlon! Scroll through our social media pages to see the fun and social pictures and videos of the coached group training.

Starting next week will give us about 13 weeks to get up to speed and confident enough to tackle our first race! The coached group training and online program offers weekly coached sessions along with a program to follow for additional sessions.

We will run on a Tues morning from 6-7am. Wednesday we will ride from 6-7am. And on Friday we will swim at 4-5pm. Additional session will be worked in around the group training.

The program costs R799/m, and includes both the group training and the online program. You can register by click here.




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