Amy Hopkins Embarked to Rwanda to race IRONMAN 70.3 event



WOW! Feeling so humbled and grateful to be here in Rwanda and to have finished the amazing IRONMAN 70.3 Rwanda event. 

This was my first triathlon in three years (I’ve done only three before - all in 2019). The last one was IRONMAN 70.3 Durban (my only other half-distance race).

I was super happy with my swim - something I normally get quite panicky about. Yes, there was still quite a bit of backstroke 😝

Stoked with the bike course - which is absolutely beautiful!! But hilly! And hot! 

I, unfortunately, struggled with cramping a lot in my left leg - mainly the left quad - during the run. Also hilly. So I just walked and jogged and got through with many more smiles than moans!

So many happy tears at the end! This has been an epic journey! To travel to this amazing country - totally out of my comfort zone - and face a challenging course in the heat and altitude. And without my person, Bernard 💛 but it has been a dream! A privilege! An adventure like no other!


I am so thankful for Zaynab Alexander and Richard O'Sullivan, who explored and raced alongside me. What absolute legends!

Big thanks to coach STeve from Embark Tri for guiding me (should def attend all sessions next time 😝) and to coach Garth Dorman who not only is our running coach at Embark Tri, but who teaches us to push through mentally challenging times and not give up.

There are always moments when it feels too hard, too far, too overwhelming and the temptation arises to just stop. I’m grateful for the hard training sessions that have built my mental grit too.

Re these photos:

We are not allowed phones etc during the race / on the route. So these are the pics I have! Honest, sweaty, real. No filters. Just some hotel sweaty selfies and a little pre-race pic of the four of us before the swim start thanks to a friend. 

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