7 Day Fast Challenge

Challenge yourself to a 7 day fast with Embark and our sports dietician @hanlie_sportsdietitian, staring Monday 22nd June

How it works:
1. Chose 1 of 5 different fasts to suit your goal (renamed from well researched fasting regimes)
- The regenerate fast
- The weight loss fast
- The better sleeper
- The anti-aging fast
- The belly shrinker

2. Sports Dietician Hanlie will mail you back to work out your energy requirements  and get you set up with the app to manage and control your 7 day fast. This app can be linked to Training Peaks. You can post your calorie requirement with the hashtag #trifastingchallenge and tag in @embarktri and @hanlie_sportsdietitian to stand a chance of winning the prize.

3. The fast starts on Monday so you have the weekend to sort your meals and ingredients. As you eat a meal or snack you update the app to keep track of your calories. This will keep you accountable to Hanlie too.

4. Stick to the fast and complete the 7 days! The winner will be announced at the end of the fast.

The fast challenge costs R250 and includes all of the above.

To register for this, please check here

The prize is organic wine from @upland_organicwines and Thrive chocolate protein 450g pouch from @phytopro




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