2022 Triathlon Training Information

  • What is Embark: 

Embark is a coached group training program for swim, bike, run and triathlon.

We offer  both group and persoanlised online training programs.

If you have a goal in mind , we have a program for you.

We specialise at getting new people into the sport of triathlon and creating triathletes out of them. Whether this is your 1st triathlon or you want to train for the pinnacle of the sport ie: IRONMAN, then we have an exercise solution for you.


  • Picking a goal.

Triathlon is addictive, so be warned.

Once the bug bites, you are on a one-way ticket to cross-training paradise!

No one really likes all 3 sports of triathlon, nor excels at all 3, and that’s what the attraction of triathlon is. One day you run, one day you bike, one day you swim, one day you go out for beers with your new friends, one day you hook up with a fellow triathlete and one day you end up marrying them!! Ok that’s best case scenario! But it’s a healthy and rewarding sport that really brings people together although its an individual sport.


  • So back to picking a goal:


Choose a realistic goal, one that fits into your lifestyle and one that  is achievable.

Too much too soon, and you will get Covid 19!

Our advice is start small and build up, choose a sprint race in Feb like the Blue Lagoon, then progress to a standard distance race like a 5150 in April. Then look towards an Ultra distance race like R2S, or an Ultra series race, or a 70.3 around the middle of the year.

Add in single discipline events like the Cape Cycle Tour and 2OM and a  couple of organised sea swims.

We would suggest to repeat this sequence of races again, and then and only then looking at tackling the FULL IRONMAN 3800m/180km/42.2km! (but this is your choice).

All these events are listed on our website , click here to view it  



  • How does the training work:

We have branches across Western Cape and Jozi, and offer group training and online programs presented in Training Peaks.

All the programs are progressive, meaning they build up slowly to ensure your body is ready to handle the work load exerted on it. (that’s why its wise to choose an achievable goal!).

Your program is periodised, meaning it balances the progression with proper rest, and allowing for constant improvement in performance.

Remember its only when you rest that your body repairs and gets stronger, so rest is as important as the training!

Your program and your coach will make sure this is balanced.

We do all the training to ensure that we are race ready. We practice nutrition while training, we do transition training to make sure we know how to get out of our wetsuits and onto the bike (and remembering to put on our helmets!) and we practice T2, coming off the bike and going out onto the run, and yoh, the amount of times we have seen the triathletes running out of T2 with their helmets on! We will practice brick sessions, (back2back disciplines) like swim/run, bike/run, or swim/bike.

And most importantly we practice the throwing up of arms and bask in the glory of the finish line! We have been doing this for 12 years now, and back ourselves to get you over the line out your chosen race!!















  • Equipment
    What will you need to train for a triathlon and race day: Budget is the biggest consideration and you can do it on the cheap! Chat to us, we know the cheap guys and we know the expensive guys if you want to buy yourself speed!


    • Swim: cossie, goggles, swim cap and wetsuit. We do demo days with Orca Westuits, where you get to test the suit in open water. Check out our online shop for all the above


    • Bike: Now the toys come out. Choose rather a road bike over a mtb, and if budget allows and your race allows it, a TT over a road bike. But a bike will do to get you started! Helmet, no helmet no ride, its like the drinking and driving rule: friends don’t let friends ride without a helmet. If you worried about your hair, pop a sock into your comb (embark socks) Sunglasses for eye protection against miggies and the sun, water bottles! Then you can get some sleek co branded Embark Ciovita cycling bibs, tops, arm warmers and socks for the comb. Spares and a bike bag. Once we get training we will chat about tec (power meters, bike computers, deep sections, that you can learn about when we go for a beer!)


    • RUN: Running shorts/tights and a vest for summer and a visor! Use your cycling glasses or if you are rich, buy new running glasses. As running is the hardest of the 3 disciplines, and most taxing on your body because of the jarring and pounding, a good pair of running shoes is VITAL. Run Store in Bree Street, new balance shoes


    • TRIATHLON: now that you can swim bike and run, you gonna need to put it all together for racing. Reveal the tri suit! One piece and 2 piece. Race Belt, transition bag.


    So now its just up to you to decide what you want to do! The answer is Yes, now whats the question? Click here to register

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